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Adding background picture with css, Symfony

Store your picture and css to the bundle folders


For access from outside you should use the command

php bin/console assets:install web --symlink


backround-image: url('../images/background.jpg');



{#load the css file#}

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”{{ asset(‘bundles/my_project/css/style.css’) }}”>

{#using image#}
<img src="{{ asset('bundles/my_project/images/other_image.jpg') }}">

Lern English Software

The idea came from my English class. I saw a person who write two side label with words, he see one side and think about the correct answer, which is in the opposite side. For example one side is written “do”  the reverse is written “did  – done” 

How it is work ?
After starting program ( $ python3 )
write command for example ($ start 5) which means: give me 5 task
All the database come from text file, you can change, add and remove items

List of commands ($help)
$help ( it will give you all commands )
$s (digit) / $start (digit) ( it will start the main idea )
$q / $quit / $exit (this tree commands will do the same – exit from the program )
$show / $s (it will show you all the main file – source of data )

>> Download it <<